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The birth and vision of the epitome of creativity Freelance Core

The year 2020 was marked by evolutionary progress on a global scale. It’s worth noting that it’s been coming for a while. It was only a matter of time before a specific trigger would emerge. The rapid onset of a global pandemic has affected almost all sectors of industry, manufacturing, and services, and had a strong impact on the certainties that in most of Europe have seemed entirely unchanged for decades. But the year with the 20s at the end also brought a massive development of complex cooperation in an exclusively digital way. Initially, makeshift modules that aimed to stabilize, manage and effectively evaluate projects remotely pushed the development and needs of community online connectivity forward by many years. These circumstances and the dedication of a few exceptional people were the triggers for the creation of a multidisciplinary collective of freelancers. Thus, the gallery of projects and the portfolio of services of Freelance Core saw the light of the turbulent world.

Remote collaboration across the business spectrum

Restrictions of free movement, rapid reducing of the ability to travel but also partially preventing the sharing of common workspaces, combined with varying degrees of government action. It is this mix that has caused the acceleration of the need to collaborate without face-to-face participation. Sitting in several chairs at the same time has thus ceased to be a naive notion but a pragmatic necessity. In a matter of weeks, large corporations, smaller companies, shops, and individuals were forced to optimize their performance, internal processes, synergies, and remote meetings. In a matter of moments, the music of the future morphed into the playlist whose content we now play daily. Those who catch the wave will never fall off the surf. Not even corporations like Avast. The old ways have taken over.

The pandemic blew off a lot of activities that we had planned, but it has brought new opportunities and what we do has increased in intensity,” said Jiří Vlček some time ago, adding that the past months have also changed the way of thinking in the company.

Source: Seznam Zprávy, 4/21/2021

Working in a “home office” began to resonate across the world during 2020 so much that the specifics of this way of working have been reflected in the daily lives of thousands of us. And not just there. In hundreds of newspaper headlines and widely discussed sociological and psychological topics, we may have come across this phrase quite frequently. While many people celebrated this new phenomenon enthusiastically, just as many employees, colleagues, managers, and freelancers were not at all prepared for the new challenge. I know from personal experience that they have not come to terms with the separation of personal contact with colleagues (especially in relation to casual communication, meeting small challenges, or just ordinary drinking coffee), but also with the separation from their workplace to this day. National research has confirmed these facts. More people in the country prefer to work in the office than remotely.

The companies themselves apply different models (3 days at work, 2 days at home) to meet their employees halfway. They approach new processes with an open mind and think about the time efficiency and flexibility of their employees’ location. Above all, however, they are responding to the current situation, which may take shape globally for a few more years. And something tells me that it will indeed take shape.

“The world is going digital and the events of the last year have accelerated everything. Productboard is doing extremely well,” says Hubert Palán, CEO of Productboard, a Czech startup with ties to California’s Silicon Valley, which has already received more than $72 million from prestigious investors.

Source: CzechCrunch, 4/22/2021

With this kind of reasoning, it almost seems that any institution that wants to keep up with the competition, or at least not be left behind, will have to adapt. But that doesn’t necessarily mean reduced efficiency or declining revenue charts. Zoom, Discord, Clubhouse (but also Skype, which has experienced a resurrection), the ambitious Productboard platform and other apps have experienced unprecedented growth and steep increases in users (and revenues). The aforementioned domestic startup Productboard is used for product development planning services by giants such as Zoom, Microsoft, JCDecaux, and Disney.

“…our vision to help companies build better digital products is still first and foremost,” proclaims Boardproduct CTO Daniel Hejl.

Source: CzechCrunch, 4/22/2021

Freelance Core introduces a virtual community portal with no fees

It is in the hectic times of 2020/2021 that we have come to the conclusion that the definition of coworking needs to be effectively reformed. With colleagues from all corners of the world, from Canada to Europe, Australia or Bali, we have started collaborating on dozens of projects within Freelance Core.

The multidisciplinary collective of freelancers is thus bound not only by a common platform and projects but also by the need for professional contact with colleagues of different specializations. We continuously acquire new clients, establish interesting collaborations, and are united by our desire for innovative cooperation in a modern, informal and non-agency environment.

Freelance Core works on the basis of international, community membership, for which individual online coworkers do not pay a single penny. Dollars, euros, or cryptocurrencies. But they are bound by an effective affiliate program in the redistribution of contracts. At the beginning of it, there was just a simple need to replace the empty space after occasional procrastination (which I don’t fight against) with colleagues in the picturesque kitchen at the coffee machine in Coworking Olomouc.

Today, our joint concept of shared virtual coworking goes far beyond the original idea. Not only does it give room for the realization of other digital projects, but we are also intensively engaged in production, event organization, the technical security of events, design, photography, graphics, streaming, PR, or educational programs. Above all, however, we want to offer the general public, colleagues, and potential partners a unique insight into our daily work, motivations, and behind-the-scenes of specific projects. Through our online freelance portfolio, we allow you to get to know our team of experienced colleagues. A team of real people who are tangibly involved in sculpting the face, increasing sales, and presenting your brand, service, or product.

Complex dimension of cooperation based on personal responsibility

Epitome is the magic word. You can interpret it as the embodiment of a common form of existence or as an imaginary instance representing a more complex dimension of reality. This is how we view our work, all the successes and failures (without which we can’t do it), and the mission with a long-term horizon. Freelance Core’s efforts and motivations are not built on catchy phrases, pandering sales tactics, and the smell of cheap marketing. It’s all based on personal responsibility and willingness. We earn the trust of our partners, clients, colleagues, and friends continuously. Our emphasis is on long-term results, the utmost professionalism, and an enormous commitment that does not equal the intensity of sparkling wine. Because the fleeting bubbles disappear before you can say Bitcoin. But more on that next time.

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