Alžběta Šlitrová

Copywriting & Social Media

I’m a qualified nutrition counselor, but already during college, I had a stab at marketing and started working online. Through a part-time job in an editorial office and working in a corporate office, I got into copywriting and social media management.

It’s not boring, there’s always something to learn and you’re constantly developing yourself and your knowledge. And I enjoy that. I like to help clients achieve the best results by putting my “self”, my thoughts, and my ideas into the work.

Plus, I’m on maternity leave now, so freelancing is the only way for me not to go crazy sometimes and let my creativity run wild. When I’m not tending to my baby or working, I’m tending to myself. I’ve been playing tennis since I was a kid, I’m interested in healthy living and I love spending time in the mountains – summer or winter. If I want to switch off, I sometimes go for a good coffee or a glass of wine with my friends.
I’m thrilled to be a contributing part of a great Freelance Core team 🚀.