Daniel Soják

PPC Advertising & Marketing

Being an entrepreneur has always been my dream. My path to marketing started with my own projects, which a friend and I embarked on right after high school while attending college. First venture was a platform to connect high school students with households, then sharing electric scooters in Brno and many more until we ended up with e-commerce.

I took care of marketing since the first venture and learned what I could. The first and the second e-shop did not work and ended up with just a few orders. But the third time it worked and we launched our own brand with our own designed product. But with the onset of the recession we closed the e-shop, by which time I already had a marketing mentor and was looking after a few clients of my own, some of which I still have today.

Now, when I’m not figuring out where to travel or making coffee, I focus on social media marketing – primarily Facebook/Instagram, but also LinkedIn or TikTok. I’ve done campaigns on social media for small emerging e-shops, but also large companies like DPOV or Zentiva. Thanks to my experience in developing my own projects, I take a holistic view of marketing and I am a business partner for my clients they can rely on.