Tereza Krčmová

Copywriting & E-mailing

Copywriter in the online world. I make sense of texts.

Writing is the only activity I can turn my head off, except at all. I love to write, I write all the time, I write everything. I just haven’t had time for the book yet.

You want to write an emotional blog post? Here, here’s some tissues, get ready to be moved.

You need to write the same thing in multiple versions? No problem, I’ll add one for good measure.

The assignment is to produce a technical text with a lot of information? I may be blonde, but I can do it.

I’ll adapt to your tone-of-voice so that you’ll think I’m yours.

I’ll create engaging social media content that even your grandma will want to read.

I’ll pull out the most typical stuff for you, add a dose of creativity and we’ll build a corporate communication around it.

We’ll look at effective emailing that won’t immediately be trash or spam.

Are you looking for wit, controversy, expertise, emotion, seriousness, …. (fill in as you wish)? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll give your brand a voice.

Otherwise, I’m a girl who can’t cook much (I just don’t enjoy it, duh). I’m prone to buying huge amounts of books and then not being able to keep up with reading them. I spin on a pole at home (dressed up, Grandma, don’t worry), and I write too, did I tell you that?