Hotel Křížový vrch.

Magical Accommodation in the Jeseníky Mountains

Hotel Křížový vrch in Jeseník boasts a unique location perched above the town of Jeseník. This accommodation offers the finest experiences available in the region. The hotel provides its guests with stylish rooms, a diverse range of cuisine, and not to forget, a luxurious wellness experience.

The goal of our collaboration was to create an entirely new website with a modern ambiance in both Czech and English language versions, including impeccable technical optimization. In the production phase, we captured new photographs and videos and crafted the appropriate web copy. A notable addition is the individual presentation of each of the six authentic apartments, as well as the expanded pages detailing the hotel’s services.

Moreover, we successfully built upon the previous setup by retaining the logo, which reflects the hotel’s history and essence. The partnership was conducted in a friendly manner, despite the need to address several challenging details. Our meticulous attention to what might seem like minor aspects led to significant final satisfaction for our client.