Boating tours and airport transportation from Olomouc

The legendary travel agency Peřej Tours operates in Olomouc and the surrounding area. The good people of Peřej Tours specialize in paddling cruises, team building, team spirit, and corporate and classic paddling tours in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, and Slovenia.

Captain Dan Wolf arranges private tours, school trips, team building, and also handles professional car transport to the airport in Vienna, Prague, and around Olomouc for his satisfied group of clients.

With the skilled partners from Freelance Core, we take care of brand building, preparing communication strategies, and complete digital marketing management for Peřej Tours. From long-term strategies, SEO and web management, to linkbuilding in the form of blog articles. We handle social media management, where we run performance or branding campaigns in addition to educational and witty content. We then drain the net performance from Google search campaigns.

Last but not least, we create, design, and send regular newsletters or organize shorter training sessions for Peřej Tours.