Jana Gonšenicová

UX/UI Design & PPC Advertising

I went to study Diplomacy so I could travel, and all I had to do was travel to meet the Diplomat 🙂 I was hooked on Marketing even before moving abroad in 2017, but then the pandemic convinced me – and most importantly, allowed me – to work remotely. And so, through Content Marketing, Graphics, Emailing and PPC, I got to the core discipline of mine – UX/UI Design.

I care about WHY. Why do customers abandon the cart, why do they leave the website immediately, or why did a button change cause such a change in orders? Most of all, however, I am interested in the customers themselves – because I do build digital products for them. In addition, I will apply my passion for graphics here. I wanted to be a painter since kindergarten. This even came true for me in New Zealand, only I painted the walls of the rooms instead of art..

And on a personal note, life in foreign countries fulfills my second interest – challenges. Learning local languages, climbing large mountains in the area, or tasting new (and not always tempting) dishes is one of those. And often also the absence of good coffee.