Lukáš Bednařík

Copywriter & E-mailing Specialist

They said, “Write a haiku about yourself – so people know who you are.” I’m a wordsmith. I hammer words every day, work them over the keys of my keyboard, grind them. When things get rough, I prune the trees in our secluded place and catch the flow.

I enjoy not sleeping both for the big players and the little craftsmen. I mix injections of sentences into large websites as well as microformats. I’m exploring how to get over the horizon. Because the grass might be greener beyond it. Jung disclosed me: I am an Entrepreneur. Courage, an open mind, intuition, balancing on the edge, and getting to the heart of meanings in the ephemeral universe of words are my form of self-reflection.

The world just sets up different stepping stones for me. Here I’m imprinting myself as a father to two children, there I’m setting things in motion online and offline. To sell, entertain, nurture, or provoke. Because words are alchemy and can do anything. I am a sensitive, free, and strong soul with charming confidence, backed by sharp humor in my ease of movement.

Copywriting is just a way to create the next adventure and breathe freely. After 10 years in social services, I credit my experience working with people. All I need is a laptop, a phone, and 3G. For example, I’ve fed Tierra Verde customers with words, entertained Let It Roll ravers, and snuggle Kubešův Med or Hrabal Woodcarving. In my spare time, I do what I do at work. I live.