Vojtěch Malátek

Co-founder & SEO Director

A long ago, an institutional dude who used to dabble in theory school and was always writing something and studying it avidly found out that being a conservative is boring. I tried working in marketing. Behold… The freedom, the room for creativity, and finally, finally, I saw the result of my work helping someone.

By “growing up” in a small team, I became a specialist in several areas. Primarily I handle SEO, analytics, websites, e-shops, all of which I support with PPC on Google and Seznam, and play the note for Facebook campaigns as well. It’s just the copywriting I don’t fancy much. I’m happy to help with technical problems and strategies, and I do a bit of HTML and CSS.

Some may object, “So many areas? Then you can’t do anything properly!” You know, I personally think nobody knows anything, like Socrates. But the somewhat philosophical digression has a clear message. By having insight into multiple areas of marketing, I can more effectively address the tricky requirements of clients (hand on heart, they really are diverse) and advise fellow specialists. I’m like a dad, a reservoir of knowledge.

I have three Master’s degrees under my belt. Philosophy, sociology, and andragogy. I’m currently pursuing a Ph.D. in sociology in my spare time and I like to ride my road bike. Sport is important in this kind of work… and one can see an analogy with life in cycling. When you pedal uphill, it hurts, but the resulting downhill is worth it. So don’t give up and remember that every hill has a peak! Yeah. And I’m not working properly without coffee.