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Never say never or from diplomacy to PPCs

Let’s just admit right away that writing about yourself is perhaps the worst thing ever. However, while thinking about the topic of my introductory article for our blog, I realized something interesting. That the word “never” has a damn powerful effect on life. For example, I never had a strong desire to leave the Czech Republic and live permanently abroad. I also never really wanted to work from home. And even more so remotely. And maybe that’s why I’m writing this brief article from my living room in Canada. And to the Freelance Core website. That is, the company we started online and for which I manage the social media PPC and Adwords campaigns for the Czech Republic. So, how was it with the never?

I would never be a diplomat

What do you mean, “didn’t want to live abroad”? What about your studying Diplomacy? Oh yeah. I was very attracted to traveling and languages. So, after graduating with A’s but realizing I didn’t know what to specialize in, the choice fell on the University of Economics and the telling subject of Diplomacy. Well, it sounded better than it actually was. Halfway through the first semester, I wanted to give up and take it on the chin. But where? Just the effort of getting there in the first place. And general overview, history, and life-fundamental subjects like statistics, microeconomics, and college math will always come in handy in life. So I tried to make the most of my studies (and student life), but I knew I would never be a diplomat. Who wants to move to a different country every two yearsand build a family somehow? That’s right. Never.

If not now, then never

During my engineering studies in a similar mode, I was motivated by a six-month study in Russia (if punk, a proper one) and especially by the opportunity to choose a minor specialization. Somewhere in there, I at least suspected I was attracted to marketing and branding, and somehow, surprisingly, analytics stuck out from the economics degree. I consider Commercial Communications as my secondary specialization to be one of the best decisions of my life. In 6 months, I gained much more detailed experience and insight into strategies and participation in real projects and competitions than in the other 5 and a half years. And important contacts and even more important friends. And a couple of internships in PR agencies and a “dream” job at L’Oréal. And it was there that I woke up from building a career dream and said to myself, “when if not now”? 

On the same day at the end of May 2017, I defended my thesis, got my degree, and did not renew my work contract. Subsequently, I packed up my backpack and went on a proper trip. Thanks to luck, coincidence, or perhaps a force majeure, I had already had a visa to New Zealand in my pocket for a few months, which is not exactly easy to get. My dream destination! “I’m always worried that you’re bound to find a boyfriend somewhere in the world and never come back.” Jesus, Mum, don’t worry, never.

I would never date a foreigner

So marketing went aside for two years, but I gathered a few kilos of life experience into my backpack. I lived in a van, became a room painter, hitchhiked through New Zealand and Samoa, went shark diving in Fiji on Christmas Eve (I got it on Insta so it happened), spent New Year’s Eve in Sydney, had a hell of a party in Bangkok, flew in a hot air balloon in Myanmar, saw the wonder of the world in India, and spent some time hiking in the Himalayas. And it was awesome. Especially because I wasn’t descending from the Everest base camp all by myself, but with a nice Canadian fella. Even despite the fact that I was sure, I could never walk with a native English speaker. Never. My English wasn’t good enough and I was too shy

I would never work remotely

Well, he happens to be an immigration officer whose dream is to travel the world, and his job description involves a bit of moving from one foreign post to another. Specifically, every two years. Where have I just…?

So when Honza and I met in Bali towards the end of our travels together in summer 2019, we had a joke about how I could work from home, which would be kind of anywhere. It sounded nice, but I knew I would never be able to do it. I thought I couldn’t handle the self-discipline and that I just needed people around me.

A few months passed and we all knew in March 2020 that there would not be people around any of us for a long time. The cafe I used to barista at is still closed. So then, within a year of that talk in Bali, I wrote my first blog article that didn’t see SEO optimization even from a speedboat and set up my first Facebook campaign within 4 intense hours a month later. Because despite all my marketing knowledge, the online world has shifted a lot in 2 years and I actually specifically didn’t know that much.

Watch your never

Well, that’s how I got here. I could never imagine it. Working from home, across continents, tons of new experiences, and great colleagues I’ve never actually seen live.

All in all, I got everything I never wanted.

Oh, and actually, I forgot to mention: I never wanted Apple products. I used to be their opponent for years. That’s why, after a while, I got a Pro to go with my iPhone. And now I also do digi magic with a magic mouse, keyboard, and airpods in my ears.

So just watch that never!

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