Who asks little, learns little. So we have put together a list of answers to the most common questions. So we can understand each other quickly and work better together!

Check out the most common questions and suggestions we address with you.

What makes an external marketing manager worthwhile?

Our experienced, external professional will take care of all digital marketing services, commitments, and work for your company or project. He or she will take charge of managing the marketing processes, setting the strategy, selecting funnels, outsourcing the work to internal and external entities, meeting the set goals, and regularly reporting on the results. The position of an external expert comes with a fixed amount of money you will spend per month for his services. Thanks to regular reporting, you will always have full control over his workload, performance, and expenses, including the achievement of set targets. 

Do you provide the services of an external marketing manager for a fixed amount?

Yes, after an individual agreement, our marketing expert will stick to a set number of hours. We will then set short and long-term goals and plan marketing activities according to the hourly schedule. We provide the services of an external marketing manager in two price ranges, with 20 or 30 working hours per month, for a fixed amount of 25 000 CZK – 35 000 CZK + VAT.

Do you invoice with VAT, or only to the VAT-free registration number?

We are VAT payers, so your invoices for our work will be increased by VAT, but you will get it back thanks to our clever accountant. Are you not VAT registered? No problem, we will arrange invoicing through our other entities, which will not be increased by VAT.

Is there somewhere we can meet before we start working together?

We have a base in Prague and Olomouc. We would also be happy to meet you in Ostrava, or Hradec Kralove. As part of our long-term cooperation, we visit our clients and partners for meetings or training sessions throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Would you like to meet? Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to meet you.

How can we become your partners?

Many of our clients have also become partners. We value all of our long-term collaborations and projects, which are the greatest reflection of a job well done and the achievement of goals. That is why we offer specific conditions to each of our clients on how to become our partners. What will you get as a partner? More favorable financial conditions for the fulfillment of our cooperation, a guaranteed fixed number of hours that we will dedicate to you per month, and above all a lot of consultations, training, and joint meetings. Thanks to the long-term partnership, you can also use the function of an external marketing manager at a better price. Simply contact us, we will prepare an individual proposal for you and we can get to work.