Anna Koudelková

Content Social Media & Trends

A princess, a world-famous writer, or a professional photographer? I wished to be all of these things during my adolescence. And who am I today? Just a student, for now, hoping to sail through the semester and at the end of the journey, be able to write a few letters in front of my name.

In my free time, though, I like to spend my time on social media. Scrolling, swiping, posting, that’s my territory! Scrolling through social media and following all the trends, Youtubers, and Tiktokers is such a guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy letting my imagination run wild when editing Reels and creating Stories or posts. When the opportunity arises, I’m happy to write about whatever strikes my fancy.

I’m a stickler and I love when everything fits whether it’s the feed, the content, or my outfit. If I have any time left after all that, I’ll happily head anywhere outdoors.