Han Dostalíková

Content Social Media

Coincidences don’t exist, yet they constantly occur! That’s my philosophy and precisely what keeps happening in my life.


From childhood, I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. As I grew up, I realised there was no point in waiting and simply took destiny into my own hands. I purchased a sewing machine, watched a few YouTube videos, and established my own brand, @reincarnation_online_store.


Likewise, I taught myself graphic design, which currently sustains me. Filled with determination, I launched Photoshop for the first time, and after numerous videos and online courses, it evolved into my profession.


Besides, I’ve always been passionate about photography. I’ve been capturing moments probably for as long as I can remember. I collect analogue cameras, but mostly, I shoot with my phone. When Instagram was launched in 2012, it instantly became the ideal platform for sharing my experiences. So now, after years of experience, it naturally became part of my career! It’s genuinely a dream come true. For instance, creating content for the band The Silver Spoons includes attending concerts, music festivals, and other social gatherings. This feels more like a reward than a duty.


And I believe this is just the beginning! I’m constantly on the lookout for new challenges, conscious of the ephemeral nature of moments, and the opportunities for growth! And I am happy! Not perpetually, but with gratitude. I continually feel thankful. Grateful for everything around and within me. And I never forget that everything is exactly as it should be.