Marketing services

Are you looking for a strong ally who knows their way around digital marketing? With us, you will acquire a whole array of those. We focus on the professional creation and administration of websites and e-shops, including SEO and UX. Our pride and joy are fresh copy, graphics, and e-mailing. We administer performance as well as brand PPC campaigns, we love social networks, and we create meaningful content that will become a pride of your marketing mix.

We will advise you on building your brand, setting your marketing mix or we will arrange a campaign on regional radio stations. Do you perceive digital marketing as an intricate jungle full of traps? Never mind, we will provide the position of an external marketing manager who will help you with setting the marketing processes and he or she will take care of fulfillment of established goals together with their regular report. No idea, where to start? Contact us!

Web design.

We provide professional creation, redesign, and management of websites and e-shops. We worship SEO factors, with an emphasis on user experience and focus on quality linkbuilding. We would love to get to know you, discuss your needs, and suggest a solution to help you meet all your digital goals.

Website development and redesign

Is it the right time for a change? Is your current website no longer serving you 100%? Let us create a plan for implementing a new website or redesign. We build modern, responsive websites with an emphasis on efficiency and SEO. If you are still undecided, we will be happy to discuss all the options with you and present solutions that will become the pillar of your business or online presence.

Creating e-shops

We build complete e-shops on Shoptet. We will arrange the selection and optimization of templates, graphics, and complete site build. We will take care of the texting, add the products, provide SEO, and connect the products to the marketing channels. In case of more complex solutions, we will provide customized coding of the e-shop in cooperation with partner agencies.

Website management

We take care of websites and ensure their flawless operation so that they continuously bring orders or serve as a professional digital presentation. We will take care of regular scanning of error pages, antispam updates, checking backups, measuring search engine positions or cookie bar including correct GDPR data as well as updating the privacy policy.


We work with UX experts with experience from multinational agencies and corporations. UX optimization is a process based on 5 fundamental pillars: user analysis, user psychology, usability, design, and copywriting. The foundation is to get to know your customer and make the journey that leads to your goals more enjoyable. We can help you with all of this.

Audits and consultations

We provide lightning audits of websites. Before we embark on a larger collaboration, we give your website an initial check. We look at the technical state of the site, on page and off page SEO factors, and the quality of the content. Based on the findings, we will offer a short consultation and suggest a subsequent course of action to meet the defined goals.

UX design.

We work with UX experts with experience from multinational agencies and corporations. UX optimization is a process based on 4 fundamental pillars: user analysis, information structure, visual design and testing.
By understanding user behavior and their needs, we can create interfaces that are intuitive, easy to use and visually appealing. The result is greater user engagement, satisfaction and ultimately business success. We can help you with all this.

User analysis

Thorough research is a key part of UX design, as it allows us to gain valuable insights into user preferences, problems, and expectations. Through direct user interviews, surveys, and analytics, we can gather data that informs their design decisions, ensuring that websites are tailored to the specific needs of your target audience.

Information architecture

We focus on organizing and structuring website content so that it is logical and intuitive. By creating a clear navigation system and a well-defined hierarchy, we ensure that users can easily find the information they need, but also increase the overall usability and efficiency of the website.

Visual design

We will provide you with concrete visual designs and prototypes that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Using fundamental design principles such as hierarchy, typography, and color theory, we create interfaces that are easy to navigate and visually appealing.


By testing and iterating on a prototype, we gather feedback at an early stage, identify potential usability issues, and fine-tune the user experience before development itself.


We optimize websites in search engines so that they perform in the top positions. SEO is a process that requires a meaningful strategy and, above all, continuous work on your website and beyond. We prepare keyword analyses and SEO analyses that will become the central lever of your growth and will take on linkbuilding as well. Let’s discuss this together and get started as soon as possible.

Keyword analysis

We will prepare a detailed keyword analysis, including recommendations for further action, and a manual on the use and selection of keywords for each page of your website. You will use keyword analysis for web content optimization, linkbuilding, blog creation, or effective PPC advertising optimization.

SEO analyses

We will prepare a complex SEO analysis of your websites. We will focus on both technical and content SEO factors that prevent your websites from expanding in search engines. You will find out how your website is performing in search engines, whether it has some imperfections, and if it is properly optimized for PCs, but especially for mobile devices.

Content optimization

We will optimize your website content so that you are finally visible in the top positions in search engines. We will perform a content analysis of your website, check out duplicates, examine meta tags, and suggest a new design if necessary. We will also focus on texting, internal linking, and other on-page SEO factors.

Backlink analyses

We will provide a complex backlink analysis. We will find out how your website performs in search engines, which sites it links to, and which sites in turn link backward to it. This will let you know what you need to work on and what to guard against. Last but not least, we will recommend an additional course of action that will help your website achieve higher search positions.

Measuring positions in search engines

How is your website performing in search engines compared to your competition? Which pages need to be fixed or strengthened? Our analysis and measurement of your website’s positions in the Google and Seznam search engines will provide those answers. Thanks to it, you will find out which keywords and pages to focus on and, in addition, you will get a great starting point for a long-term comparison of your site’s results.


We focus on building strong web addresses in search engines and getting backlinks. We take linkbuilding as one of the main off-page SEO factors and we put special emphasis on the process of strengthening the important pages. We create PR articles, supporting microsites, build social networks, arrange quality backlinks, and determine long-term strategies.

SEO audits and consultations

Do you suspect that your website isn’t tuned up effectively, but don’t know what lies behind it? We will prepare a short SEO audit for you, in which we will focus on the key on-page and off-page SEO factors. Plus, we will provide you with a free one-hour SEO consultation and suggest a course of further work to get your website to the top of the search engines.

PPC advertisement.

We take care of performance and brand PPC campaigns on Google, Seznam, or Meta projects like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. We take a holistic view of paid advertising and see it as an essential part of the marketing mix, closely related to the web, graphics, or social networks. We pride ourselves on detailed result reporting and will offer a quick free consultation if required. So you know what managing profitable digital campaigns entail.

Google Ads a Sklik

We provide profitable campaigns in Google Ads and Sklik. We take care of the complete process from setting up the ad systems, including linking them to the website and measurement tools, through effective campaign management, to campaign evaluation and regular reporting. Are you hesitating about the effectiveness of your existing campaigns? We will conduct a detailed audit and, during a short consultation, design a strategy that will ensure your campaigns will be profitable in the long term.

Meta a LinkedIn ads

We manage performance and brand campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and LinkedIn. How does it work for us? First, we look at your websites, set up your advertising systems, develop a strategy, set goals, and run structured campaigns. We continuously test and optimize their performance for maximum effectiveness. At the end of the advertising cycle, we will prepare a detailed report with comments and recommendations for further profitable campaigns.

Audits and consultations

We provide quick audits of advertising campaigns on Google, Seznam, and social networks. We check the functionality of measurement, performance, structure, and effectiveness of campaigns. We look at creatives, copywriting, and graphics. We will then create a brief report and present recommendations that you can apply immediately to help your ad campaigns into the green numbers. Would you prefer to consult with us? Feel free to contact us.


Copywriting web copy is our royal discipline. And it should be yours too. Content is king, good copy determines the profitability of campaigns, the readership of an article, website traffic, or the number of conversions from e-mailing. We are passionate about creating SEO copy that helps your site grow in search, e-mailing, as well as print or slogans. We are also happy to take a look at your current copywriting and add a gloss or a few m a g n e t s where appropriate.

Web & UX write

Mastered web copy and smart UX write are the cornerstones of any web presence. From the homepage, through the text of products and services, to the copy of individual buttons. Thanks to the combination of the knowledge base in SEO, UX, and absorption of modern copy trends, our texts will 100% engage your visitors and even make search robots happy. And in return, they will move you up a bit again.

E-mail copywriting

If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative enough – Ogilvy used to say that and we follow this piece of advice all the time. That’s why we compose design newsletters in SmartEmailing or MailChimp. Together with a catchy TITLE, graphics, and eye-catching copy, we reengage your existing customers and get them to your website or the key landing page.


We rule the “word” when it comes to printed catalogs, brochures, or menus. Bring style to your handbook, make a new product portfolio stand out, or entertain guests with a fresh menu. The printed text is pure magic, so make sure it doesn’t fade quickly. We will be happy to help you with that. Need to shout it out to the world while looking for the right words? We also specialize in slogans, taglines, and mottos.

Audits and consultations

Invite us to you: to your websites, landing page, blog, e-mailing, or restaurant. We will go over the texting and suggest a refresh if needed – whether it’s SEO, UX write, or more readable stylistics. Want to discuss it over the phone first? Feel free to give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you.

Social media management.

Social networks pour fresh blood into the veins of the marketing mix. When managing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or TikTok, we believe in maximum efficiency. Social networks strengthen the brand, constantly reach new customers, and are able to retain the existing ones. With every new post, you have a chance to score again. But content creation and advertising must be subject to a clear strategy, concept, and tone of voice. Above all, ads must make you money. And that’s what we are here for.

Corporate network management

We take care of corporate and private profiles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Google. We regularly review all alerts and messages received and handle comments including crisis communication. As part of our corporate network management, we target expanding our fan base and nurture the acquired audiences.

Content creation

We create catchy, educational, and optimized content for networks and websites that will be adored by not only your potential customers but search engines as well. We focus on the continuous article production of articles, studies, posts, and blog posts based on careful keyword analyses. We rely on long-term publishing plans and regular evaluations.

Ads management

We prepare, optimize, and report PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and especially on Google, Seznam or commodity search engines such as Heureka or Glami. The goal is clear: we prepare a profitable strategy, set up campaigns, optimize, and deliver reports.

Crisis communication

The Internet is full of lively discussions, comments, various skirmishes, weird references, and competitive fights. We see crisis communication as an opportunity to manage an unpleasant event and turn it into a perfect reference. Plus, with the potential for mass dissemination without a single penny invested in advertising.


Analyses, audits, and consultations

We prepare audits and detailed analyses of company profiles and advertising accounts. We break down the content side, which drives sales and builds the brand, and the performance side of your accounts. Behind everything, we look for a long-term strategy, a concrete plan, and a business model that makes sense for you, your customers, and most importantly, your wallet.

E-mail marketing.

Both regular and irregular sending out of effective email campaigns will boost sales, whether you are a small family business, a freelancer, or a multinational corporation. We build strategies for our clients on four main pillars – offer, content, form, and evaluation. Then all that’s left to do is prepare a 100% converting headline and you can count the orders.

Sending out e-mailing

Should we send emails regularly or just once in a while? Every entrepreneur or company deals with scheduling mailings individually, and that’s how we look at it too. You don’t have to flood your audience with dozens of emails a month to achieve green numbers. E-mailing from us is something your customers will happily click through and read, buy, or download anytime and anywhere.

Content of e-mailing

Content is king, but if your e-mailing ends up in spam, junk mail, or is immediately deleted by the recipient, then it won’t help your business much. That’s why we focus on the overall composition of the text in the email, the ratio of links leading to external targets, and most importantly, the headline. Because if the content is king, then a proper, catchy, and m a g n e t i c a l headline is God-like.

Automation and A/B testing

We approach automation as a fundamental process in the development of your business. When it comes to e-mailing, we know exactly how often, when and what to send to customers in regular mailings. Mail Chimp and SmartEmailing help us to do that. We see A/B testing as an essential factor for progress, which is why we prepare double versions of headlines and send different mailings to differently defined audiences.

Templates and graphics

We design email templates to attract, hold attention and drive as many eager customers as possible to your website, phone, or address. We create custom graphic designs and sub-elements, and make sure that e-mailing is the showcase of your business.

Analyses and consultation of e-mailing

We can arrange an audit of your email distribution settings or specific emails. We look at the template selection and optimization, email copy, graphics, and other parameters that separate a successful mailing from a bland one.

Brand building.

Continuous brand building is a long journey. To prevent brand building from becoming your company’s nightmare, you need a clear strategy, key pillars, bold idea making, and a solid corporate archetype. Or is it all a bit different and best to opt for a modern type of dynamic brand identity? We will answer that during a joint consultation.

Brand strategy

A brand is not a forest to be left to grow wild. That’s why you need to know what your brand stands for, who its clients – customers – viewers – listeners are, what goals it has set, and through what services or products it is aiming for long-term goals. Branding must fulfill a purpose, make everyone happy, and make sense, just like brand campaigns and their evaluation.

Idea making

There is nothing worse than stagnant water. In order to keep your boat moving forward and towards a specific goal, you need good waves, strong sails, or a good engine. And we can provide you with such waves, sails, or high-octane fuel. We enjoy short stand-ups, brainstorming sessions, workshops, screening of your competition, and talking to customers, listeners, or colleagues. And our entertainment will bring you profits and strengthen your brand.

Corporate identity

Brand identity as a basis for corporate growth? Of course. A graphic manual, a fresh logo, and a consistent tone of voice give stability to the company and help the sales and marketing team. We give the company direction, find the corporate DNA, and spread it both online and offline.

Brand campaigns

A well-managed branding campaign can attract the interest of fans, customers, clients, partners, or investors as well as Bitcoin. Or it can make quite a splash. It doesn’t matter if the branding bounces into the headlines of the local press or ends up in the pages of the marketing biz, what matters is hitting the right audience and achieving the company’s KPIs.

Brand building consultation

Are you losing face? Aimless testing different approaches not working to your liking? Need help with corporate identity, branding, long-term brand strategy? Contact us to arrange a consultation. We will advise you on the direction to take and design a brand strategy or set up a corporate communication plan.

Graphic design.

Graphic design – in our concept, a comprehensive approach to the brand identity. We work with individual visuals, respect the company’s graphic manual, and compose banks of graphic elements. We create web graphics, advertising banners, animations, and graphics for social networks, but we can also dazzle with handsome packaging and print graphics.

Web and advertising banners

We prepare web graphics and advertising banners for your eye-catching online presence. We start from the brand’s graphic manual, and if you don’t have such a manual, we will prepare it for you or arrange its production. Do you need an advertising banner? Choose a clean design and eye-catching execution.

Graphics for social networks

We provide complete graphics, videos, and animations for social networks Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Google My Business. We will prepare graphics in all required formats that will attract and drive people to your website, event, or directly to your store.

Creating animations

We enjoy post-production and your customers will too. We will get your logo moving, create the opening animation for your videos or social media content. Do you have a specific proposal? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to set up a call or a meeting, work out the details, and get to work.

Print graphics

Are you planning to send out a new catalog or brochure, or you are redesigning your packaging? Join forces with us. Our professional graphic artists and designers will prepare your print graphics to become the calling card of your marketing. Need advice or to find out which jobs we have done well? Contact us to arrange an online call to discuss it all.

Radio campaigns.

We know our way around radio spots and will be happy to create a catchy regional radio campaign to suit your needs. We will get down to planning the most appropriate strategy and plan a complete campaign. We will ensure the selection of the right radio stations and take care of producing a great spot. We will get the best deal for you, perhaps through a package of competitions on the radio’s social media channels that will boost your reach and increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Campaigns on radio

Be heard as well as seen! We can provide a complete radio campaign for your brand, service, or product. We will help you with the preparation of the campaign including digital support, the selection of suitable radio stations, and above all with the production of commercial spots. After the campaign is completed, we will help you with the evaluation.

Production of radio spots

We will take care of the pre-production, production, and post-production of your radio spot. We will provide a catchy script, dubbers, and a recording studio. We will deliver your commercial spots within the agreed deadline and in the required formats.


Radio campaign strategies

We take a holistic view of marketing planning and we know that a broadcast campaign without a pre-determined strategy may not get you anything at all. We will advise you on when to launch a campaign, who to target, whether to include digital marketing, or how to evaluate radio campaigns.


Do you need advice on radio-related campaigns or consultation on a specific marketing strategy? Are you not sure how to produce radio spots and do you find radio offers too expensive? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you.

Setting a communication strategy.

Confident, appealing, honest, and above all effective communication. One of the main factors in the growth of your project, service, or product. How to achieve a perfectly matched tonality with an emphasis on what your customers expect from you? The secret lies in a clever communication strategy that highlights your USP, lends a helping hand in crisis communication, and becomes the icing on the customer care’s cake.

Text and narrative audit

We can arrange a detailed audit of the narrative and text on your website, social media, or printed materials. We will look at optimizing your content for search engines, and assess the tone of voice, tonality, and crisis communication. We will look at stylistics and grammar. We will prepare a report and advise you on how to proceed.

Workshops, interviews, and questionnaires

We provide introductory questionnaires to learn more about your brand, products, services, needs, and plans, as well as your customers or yourself. We organize workshops, training courses, and guided interviews to effectively set up your brand communication and build a solid foundation for your brand’s growth.

SWOT analysis/USP setting

We provide SWOT analyses that reveal the competitive advantages, risks, threats, or opportunities of your company, brand, product, or service. SWOT analysis is considered to be a very effective tool to help your company in further strategic decision-making. We will focus on expectations and needs, and design a concrete plan that your company can follow in its further communication.

Persona, tonality, and tone of voice

We create marketing personas including tone of voice tailored to your brand and marketing strategy. We carefully collect data through questionnaires, analyze your fans and customers, and conduct in-depth interviews. We find out your customers’ needs and wants, as well as your goals. Based on the data we collect, we then model unique personas that you can use to unify your tonality, create content, and plan marketing and branding campaigns.

Practical output

We provide analyses, questionnaires, workshops, and interviews as part of the communication strategy. In short, we collect all the useful data you may need. We then incorporate all of this into a comprehensive output that serves as a practical guide for your colleagues, employees, or external agencies. The result will be appreciated by corporate copywriters, PPC specialists, network or web managers, sales departments, or marketing experts.

External Marketing Manager.

Does your company or project need a complete digital marketing or branding solution, or are you struggling with how to set up internal marketing processes? Try the cost-effective solution of an external marketing manager. Our professional will take care of the complete management of marketing activities and connect the various departments in the company. At the same time, he or she will ensure quality and continuous reporting of the work done. What’s more? He or she will take care of budget optimization so that you get the maximum effect from your marketing efforts at a reasonable cost.

External management

Leave the worries and responsibility of managing the marketing activities of your company, start-up, or project to an external professional. We will ensure the complete performance of the position, which usually involves a high time commitment, professional flexibility, and various negotiations that need to be handled efficiently and cost-effectively.

Setting up marketing processes

Save time, money and increase efficiency in solving marketing challenges. We help small businesses and larger companies set up marketing processes. Using useful tools, proven practices, and helpful advice, we achieve smooth internal communication, efficient workflow, and systematic task solution, including reporting.


Support the key elements that underpin your brand, service, or product. Reinforce unique competitive advantages and fine-tune crisis communication. Engage, inform, educate, entertain, and sell. An external marketing manager can help you with corporate identity building, branding, and idea creation, and provide advice on campaigns.


Competition analysis

Knowing your competition and setting the right marketing strategy is the key to rapid growth. That’s why we provide SWOT analyses to strengthen competitive advantages. We can find out what offerings, communication strategy, and advertisements your competitors are using. We will prepare an effective way to retain existing customers and continuously acquire new ones.

Audits and consultations

As an external marketing manager, we will prepare initial audits of your marketing channels. We will focus on websites, social networks, e-mailing, banners, and other internet presence. We will evaluate the effectiveness of your funnels, your communication strategy, and brand risk points and be available for regular consultations.