Jan Verner

Dramaturgy | Strategy | Training | Production

Over time, I’ve completely transformed from an avid journalist, writer, and creative into an expert worshipper of web presence and marketing in general. Professionally, I am a multi-disciplinary marketing mix expert specializing in branding, performance campaigns, copywriting, and frequent highway driving.

The dynamic evolution of digital media requires a compact knowledge across the marketing spectrum, a conscientious approach, and a constant appetite for neverending self-education.

I believe that I offer my partners, clients, colleagues, and friends not just the cheap tinsel of quick profits without investment, but long-term profitable cooperation based on professional services, transparent data analysis, and full commitment. But above all on cordial, sincere, and honest behavior.

In my personal life, I prefer to go for a run in the woods, hike in the mountains with a bunch of friends, or drink shocking amounts of coffee while following the digital currency news, which I have been studying, discovering, and cursing in detail since 2017.