David Lekeš

Project Manager & Content Designer

Board games and role-playing games, that’s what I love. My name is David and when I’m not creating articles I’m playing board games or my favorite Dungeon’s and Dragon’s. I like to write articles and content about things I’m familiar with. But I can write about anything if needed.

I’m generally into new technology, but what I’m kind of into is social media. I eat up Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, and I’m happy to help you manage it too. I enjoy learning new things and I’m of the opinion that no new suggestion is wasted. If I have more time, I also like to dive into some computer games.

I enjoy video editing and learning about new programs, both graphic and editing ones. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos with tutorials on almost everything. And to top it off, I’ve started a few channels myself. YouTube just keeps me entertained and constantly inspired.

Time is getting short though, so I end up listening to more than watching. If I’m lucky and don’t have to be online at the moment, I like to go to the woods for a weekend and enjoy some time away from the cookies around a campfire, with my guitar.