Jiří Vlček

PPC Specialist

I studied for several years in France, where I earned a degree in management with scratched ears. I was a member of an art group. I painted pictures, had exhibitions, organized concerts, wrote lyrics for songs, and made music.

I made a living as a chef in Montreal. I recorded in a studio and hung out with a bunch of Emery Street punks. I drew beer and mixed drinks at Vertigo. I hitchhiked from Casablanca to Nordkapp. I lived in a van and picked cherries in New Zealand. I worked as a sales representative for an international company. I did tourism marketing.

So I can safely say that I enjoy communication in all its forms and am no stranger to creative thinking. I like challenges, honesty, and Czech beer. I like to organize things, and I like it even better when everything works the way it should.
If we work together, it will most likely involve radio broadcasting, but it could easily be that I’ll be creating your e-shop, managing your social networks, or setting up your campaigns.