David Míša

Project Manager & Company Developer

After years of freelancing as a translator, interpreter, project manager and copywriter, I have acquired a love for fine coffee and countless contacts and experience across industries. I’ve travelled the world, widened my horizons and realised that having a freelance career is the key to a satisfying and happy life. My journey working on projects for the European Commission, foreign corporations, courts and leading Czech and international e-commerce companies has led me here, to Freelance Core.

In the freelance world, there are no limits to imagination. Sky is the limit. And that’s twice as true here. With exaggeration, it is a well-established machine with two dozen dedicated enthusiasts working in harmony, where every component performs its essential functions. This is reflected in the overlap into many sectors and in the quality of the work performed. At Freelance Core, I am personally involved in the coordination and management of projects, setting up internal processes and development of the company, as well as expanding the company’s operations abroad.

When you have such a diverse job and come from a family of painters and restorers, the palette of hobbies and forms of recreation is similarly colorful. So while relaxing, I also look for inspiration, for example with a guitar by the fire, in the mountains, with a surfboard underfoot, a skateboard stuck in my shin, or while spending time with my family.